Explore our smart and customized, integrated solutions for Communications Networks.

A 360° Product Offer

Make a difference with our full range pool of smart solutions

R&C has developed technical know-how and offer, to stand as a major solutions provider than can support an entire network lifecycle, from the planning/design phase to deploy/connect phase and the operation/maintenance/quality control phase.

  • Network Engineering Design
    • Master plans (Network Description and Architecture Design, Investment and Exploitation Budget, Roadmap for Project execution)
    • Design Engineering Documentation
    • Design, scaling and creation of network base maps (Preliminary Studies and Final Drafts)
    • Technical and financial studies for network renovation
  • Fixed Network Deployment
    • Construction and installation of fixed network (including transportation and distribution part)
    • Project management, Civil Engineering, optical fiber and cable laying, vertically up to subscribers and horizontally (overhead and underground)
    • Run control tests
    • Develop record of finished work
  • Network Operations & Maintenance
    • Delegated Project Management to follow up network deployments on any territory
    • Network national supervision
    • Customer Support and both curative and preventative maintenance of any network infrastructure
    • Management of network installation, adaptation or rehabilitation work in collective housing facilities
  • Final Connection
    • Management home-based installation of triple play service on any type of technology (fiber, coaxial, copper, satellite, terrestrial) and anywhere in France
    • Connecting up people and enterprise’s fiber (FTTH/FTTE)
    • Innovative digital solutions to optimize and to invoice the interventions
  • Network Control, Quality, Security and Environment
    • Technical and Safety inspection
    • Issuance of as-build records (record of finished works)
    • Ensuring the respect of quality standards
    • Audit, Testing and Expert Measurement works (optical signal measures)
    • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Network Consulting
    • Ability to audit the full array of challenges attached to a communications network:
    • Existing infrastructures
    • Ongoing constructions
    • Future infrastructures
    • Assistance in the design of specifications, choice of the solutions
Our company

About R&C

Since the times of its creation, in 2001, R&C has become a major player in the telecommunications sector. More than 20 years of existence, innovation, customization and entrepreneurial spirit have driven our business choices to provide a wide range tailor-made industrial offer.

  • +  50 Major Clients
  • +  450 Highly-trained Technicians
  • 15 000 Technical interventions managed per month
  • 20 000 Optical Fiber outlets managed per year

Our assets

Alliance of a recognized network technical expertise with a large-scale operational know-how via an extended regional network and innovative digital technological solutions:

  • Passionate teams of experts

    Network Engineers, Construction Engineers, Project Managers, highly-trained Technicians

  • A national intervention platform

    With more than 40 partner companies and 450 highly-trained Technicians operating anywhere on the French domestic market

  • Innovative digital tools

    Development of 100% integrated solutions to perform interventions (from scheduling to completion), mobile digital apps, automated scripts, etc.

  • Serving a 360° product offer

    Engineering Design, Deployment, Operations & Maintenance, Connection, Control and Consulting.

Our Clients

A partnership based on reliance

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