Entrepreneurial spirit and tailor-made industrialization for more than 2 decades of existence

Our history

Since the times of its creation, in 2001, R&C has become a major player in the telecommunications sector. For 20 years of existence, innovation, customization and entrepreneurial spirit have driven our business choices to provide a wide range tailor-made industrial offer. 

R&C has developed a technical know-how and offer, to stand as a major solutions provider than can support an entire network lifecycle, from the planning/design phase to deploy/connect phase and the operation/maintenance/quality control phase.

  • 2001 Creation of R&C

    Newly created, R&C positioned its brandname as a premium partner to prestigious Clients such as CANAL+ GROUP to organize and handle homebased media installation and troubleshoot.

  • 2005 Hertzian Broadcasting Center

    R&C was one of the first actor on the market to connect people and enterprises to fiber technology. The same year, the company expended its portfolio creating a terrestrial broadcasting technology department dealing with engineering and delegated project management.

  • 2010 Creation of the FTTH Deployment pole

    R&C created a FTTH Department dealing with infrastructure deployment, “plugging” more than 20 000 Clients in the process.

  • 2011 Acquisition of R-Numeric

    R&C acquired R-NUMERIC, specialised in collective antennas to cover installation in collective houses.

  • 2015 Creation of a Network Operation-Maintenance pole

    R&C founded a Department specialised in the Operations & Maintenance of Network infrastructure, as a national coordination that aimed to resolve the terrestrial TV interferences and jamming linked to LTE advanced technology on the 800MHz band implementation, as also complex projects and operations that deal with technological swaps and switches.

  • 2017 Creation of a pole specializing in FTTH audits and acceptance tests

    R&C created a special department dedicated to quality, control and validation tests for the acceptance of newly built FTTH infrastructures by the contracting authorities.

  • 2019 Entry of new Sofival shareholder

    To revitalize the global offer and strategy. On the same year, R&C acquired ANT CONSEIL engineering company, which is specialised in digital development for local territories.

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