Challenges At Stake

Anticipation and optimizations

Digital Development of local territories is putting critical issues at stake, such as financial investments, rate of geographical coverage, quality of service and stringent deadlines.

The deployment of fiber networks, a major infrastructure project in the coming years, requires industrial processes adapted to the volume corresponding to government ambitions.

All market players (including both contracting authorities and prime contractors) are required to optimize network implementation in order to ensure further smooth technical and commercial exploitation.

This finality implies 4 main strategic pillars:

  • To keep in touch with the market, especially in foreseeing the new digital practices that will require improved network connectivity to keep the final Clients connected
  • To successfully embrace and master new technologies to create and run best quality networks
  • To comply with legal rules and standards of professional practices
  • To get assistance in tapping into the best opportunities of technical and economical optimization of a network.
R&C’s solutions

R&C backs its Clients’ strategic and technical reflection.

R&C backs its Clients’ strategic thinking and technical reflection up with the following services:

  • Technical, patrimonial and financial audit of any communications network:
    • Existing infrastructures
    • Ongoing construction works
    • Future infrastructures
  • Assistance in the design of specifications, choice of the solutions


To create values, our audit offer is based 3 main essential factors:

  • High flexibility, consisting in auditing and analysing either a full, global network or a part of it that addresses specific problems and needs
  • Highly skilled and experienced engineers that are specialised both in ongoing and next-generation technologies
  • High capacity to federate independent experts in order to set up a multidisciplinary team that will work on each specific project
  • 20 Years of experience in the field of telecommunications consultancy
  • 3 Partner companies, including both a geographic information system (GIS) engineering company and a financial analysis firm
  • 3 Major achievements in the field of telecommunications consultancy

Our references

More references
  • Network Consulting

    Technical support in network design/implementation program

    Providing technical assistance to the local Contracting Authorities regarding the design and the implementation of a Next-Generation Network according to the"Plan France Très Haut Débit 2017-2020" (national super-fast broadband plan).
    R&C's technical support focused on a compliance check regarding the technical part and the regulatory framework, as well as the optimization of the services provided by the Designor/Buildor company.

    Technological solutions used
    • logo R&C
      A multidisciplinary team of experts

      Supervised by a Project Manager. Among others, expertise was carried out over FTTH surveys, PRM, BLR, GRACE THD Conceptual Data Model & Data Organization Model, ArcGis, Qgis

    • logo R&C
      FTTH expertise

      Specific resources deployed in FTTH expertise: FTTH regulation framework, FTTH Architecture, FTTH Engineering

    • logo R&C

      Field specialists in FTTH wrk execution, measures and validation testing

    • logo R&C

  • Network Consulting

    Terrestrial coverage mapping

    Producing coverage maps for the terrestrial network.

    Technological solutions used
    • Analysis systems

      Strong knowledge of analysis systems of free-to-air terrestrial network

    • logo R&C
      Data analysis

      And integration into Antenna Diagrams (Horizontal and Vertical diragrams)

    • Coverage map

      Integration into the dedicated software: LS TELCOM"s ChirPlus

    • logo R&C

      Identification of neighbour sites and their coverage. Production of result reports.

  • Network Consulting

    Full audit of the HFC network

    From 2018 to 2019, standing as the leading Auditor of this hybrid coaxial and fiber network in exploitation, whose grip reaches out over than 300 cities and 250 000 outlets.

    Technological solutions used
    • logo R&C
      A multidisciplinary team of experts

      Supervised by a Project Manager. Among others, the team's output gathered qualitative and quantitative analysis of the results, the feeding of a huge knowledge basis and the preparation of medium and long term scenarios regarding the future of the network

    • logo R&C
      Technical experts

      Carrying out surveys onsite (amid a sample of more than 50 sites)

    • logo R&C

      Analyzing the huge network technical database, which was latter integrated in a SIG environment

    • logo R&C
      Financial experts

      Who were in charge in a comprehensive check of the Concession's accounts. The economy of the Concession was later totally recreated according to the results of the financial analysis.

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