About R&C

Our SME was founded in 2001 by a team of telecommunication engineers. From the beginning, R&C focused its activity on the management of multimedia technical interventions in collective buildings.

In the following years, R&C developped many partnerships and played an active role in the expansion of telecommunication infrastructures at a national level. Our company was  “QUALIFANTEN T3” certified in 2012.

We offer overall support solutions for the conception and the implementation of any big scale project on our key markets. Our turnover exceeded €15 million last year.

R&C’s Strategy

R&C’s passion is to deal with challenging issues that its competitors can not or are not willing to solve.

R&C relies on a large pool of technical abilities and cross-functional skills (such as Process Design and Software Development) to stand out on its niche markets and to conquer new ones.

INDUSTRIALIZING TAILOR-MADE SERVICE: Our company makes a difference by joining its strategic expertise to its technical know-how in order to produce the best solutions to manage accordingly and efficiently complex projects.

R&C’s Performance Measurement

To reach our ambition, our processes stress on well planification, meticulous work and stringent quality control.

An independent organization conducts regular audits of all the technical interventions managed by R&C (based on a sample of 10% of the global volume). In 2014, the client satisfaction rate reached higher vthan 93%.

R&C’s History


Creation of our Coverage Study and Cartography Departement


Training of a network of 800 installers


Development of a software solution – based on PDAs under iOS – for the management of the interventions


Buyout of the R-NUMERIC Company specialized in Collective Antennas


Creation of our Collective Network Audit Departement


Creation of our Delegated Project Management Departement


Expansion of our activities to a national scale


Creation of our Terrestrial Broadcasting (Engineering, Delegated Project management) Department


Founding of R&C

R&C’s Key Financial Data


Turnover: €19 million


Turnover: €18.7 million


Turnover: €18.8 million


Turnover: €10 million


Turnover: €9 million