Multimedia Operators

R&C offers tailor-made, integrated solutions to the top-leading players in the French multimedia industry:

  • Management of home-based technical interventions – including installation, activation and repair services – for clients and prospects
  • Infrastructure deployment
  • Audit and measurement work
  • Deployment of temporary, ready-for-use solutions for business events
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Broadcasters and Transmitter Operators

R&C deals with Broadcasters and Transmitter Operators for the completion of their major projects. Our company’s activities focuses on technical expertise for terrestrial and satellite systems, including:

  • Coverage Zone Study (with the dedicated LS Telecom’s Chir+ software)
  • Mapping of a Population’s Distribution around a Transmitter
  • Reception and/or Distribution Signal Audit
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Hospitality & Health Establishments

R&C selected a panel of proven and trusted Products & Services for Hospitality & Health Establishments:

  • Creation, Audit, Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Optical and Coaxial Distribution Networks
  • Terrestrial or Satellite Reception
  • Implementation of an all-in-one Billing & Invoicing Software (for TV and telephony)
  • Television supply and set up
  • Videosurveillance
  • Funding
  • Sale of Consumables, Accessories & Devices
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Local Communities

R&C works hard to meet local communities’ needs with tailor-made service that includes:

  • Staking out operations, that consist of surveying either existing facilities or potential units to equip in a specific area
  • Master plans, that incorporate Description, Network Architecture Design, Investment and Exploitation Budget, Roadmap for Project execution
  • Technical Assistance
  • Design Engineering Documentation
  • Delegated Project Management to follow the Network Deployment on your territory
  • Expertise or Counter-Expertise missions
  • Exploitation and Maintenance
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Collective Housing Actors

R&C (“QUALIFANTEN T3” certified expert) provides social landlords, home-owner associations and real estate agents with a full range of solutions answering their specific needs for:

  • Audit of any existing Network Apparatus
  • Technical and Financial Study for any Network Apparatus Rehabilitation, Adaptation or Construction,
  • Management of the Installation, Adaptation or Rehabilitation work
  • Maintenance to ensure Operational Functioning
  • Funding
  • Provision of emergency actions and backup (whether you are already a client or not)
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