Multimedia Operators

R&C offers tailor-made, integrated solutions to the top-leading players in the French multimedia industry:

  • Management of home-based technical interventions – including installation, activation and repair services – for clients and prospects
  • Infrastructure deployment
  • Audit and measurement work
  • Deployment of temporary, ready-for-use solutions for business events

Management of home-based technical interventions

R&C currently manages up to 250 highly-trained technicians who are able to carry out home-based installation of triple play service on any type of technology (fiber, coaxial, copper, satellite, terrestrial) and anywhere in France.

Moreover, R&C developped a proprietary software solution on iOS in order to optimise the management of the interventions.

R&C offers to multimedia operators “industrial” solutions for the mass treatment of high volumes of interventions all over the country: ensuring excellent client benefit, our company takes care of the whole process that transforms a mere prospect into an effective, bankable client, with the administration of the following services:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Stock management
  • Completion of the intervention (equipment delivery, fitting, setting, and activation)
  • After-sales service
  • Administrative follow-up

Infrastructure Deployment

R&C’s Engineering Office masters the most state-of-the-art GIS (Geographical Information System) tools – such as ArcView and AutoCadMap – to provide you with the best assistance in network architecture design. Thus, we deliver all the pre-deployment studies for the implementation of copper, coaxial and optical networks:

  • Master Plans
  • Preliminary Studies and Final Drafts

R&C’s team of land surveyors (who carry out staking out operations) and installers are available anywhere in France.

Furthermore, R&C developped a speciality for the deployment of optical and coaxial networks in private and public buildings.

Audit, Testing and Measurement Work

R&C taps into the most fitting skills and equipment to carry out onsite and lab expertise or counter expertise on any type of technology (magnetic field measurement work, coverage zone mapping for terrestrial broadcasting, network audit, and assessment of system characteristics)

We can lead expert measurement work in a frequency range that goes from 5 Mhz to 2.4 Ghz.

Business Events

All over the country, R&C provides portable, ready-to-use multimedia solutions for business events such as trade shows, conventions, and temporary stands in shopping malls.

For those very special deliveries, our company gathers a dedicated equipment and personnel ensuring a 24 hours a day service.

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